Every year we host two main Conferences – and my team and I get the privilege of making them happen.

But even though it is a privilege, a level of stress comes with this process that has me mentally checking off my ‘to do’ list at 3:30am. We all go through phases like this. You know – when something matters so much to you that you go into a heightened state of thinking and organization where most of your mental capacity is focused on just one thing. Success!


Over the years a specific focus has developed for me that helps this process get easier and more peaceful each time. That focus? Creating a culture where everyone is honored…

My biggest desire is for people to feel welcome, be transformed and leave activated. I have found that a Culture of Honor is the best way to achieve this.

These are the areas that I look at…

Honor for God

How amazing is it that we get to co-labor with the Creator of the Universe? That we get to listen to His heart for people and walk with Him every day and do our part in loving each other. Wow!

We get to hear what He wants and then He helps us make it happen.

My first priority is always to honor God.


Honor for myself

I know that I love organization. It just feels so good when everything is in order. Ahhhh.

On my journey I have learned to honor myself by celebrating what I’m good at. God made me this way and I love it. Aspects of the nature that go along with that however, have not always served me, or others, well.

I now honor myself by getting plenty of rest both before and after the event, maintaining my connection with God and leaving the end result firmly in His hands where it belongs.

This has brought much peace to the process for me. It’s really beautiful seeing what God does in, and through, us.


Honor for our leader

Andy Mason started this whole journey 9 years ago. He is the pioneer of Heaven in Business and the one who carries its original DNA. He spends time with God asking what people need, what the theme of each event will be and who should come and speak. We talk it through as a team, but the initial idea comes from Andy.

We honor him by taking the vision God’s given and making it happen.


Honor for our team

Each year we have a mixture of previous team members as well as welcoming new ones. As the Event Manager, this can cause some anxiety. Some of the team are like old trusted friends. I know them – their character, competency and heart. We have history. With new team members, none of these things is yet known. I sit with Abba and ask Him about each team member and remind myself that I get to be the steward of this team, and that it’s a tremendous honor to do so. We celebrate their gifts and contributions and love to see them fly!


Honor for our guests

Ah, we love our guests.

It is such an awesome privilege to host people from all over the world. People who are hungry for what they see God doing and want to experience it for themselves.

We get to hug old friends who have been with us many times. We get to meet wonderful new friends who bring a fresh perspective to our world. We get to be like family for 3 days and hopefully – beyond (I love meeting Heaven in Business Online members face to face for the 1st time!)


Honor for others

This Conference is hosted in one of Bethel’s venues that sees many, many people go through it each week. We get to honor:

Our hosts – the team that look after this venue and prep everything so that we can have a great experience

Our neighbors – we’re surrounded by businesses and we get to see that they can operate ‘business as usual’ while we’re there

Our support staff – Intercessors, Prophetic Teams, Sound and Lighting, Tech, Translation, Worship, Catering… – such great people.


Truly learning to look at God, myself and others as worthy of honor, has seen me totally transformed. I used to be a woman who had to be in control, had to be seen and had to be first.

Looking at things from God’s perspective of honor, now sees me a woman who loves to build structures that support people encountering the love of a Father – who honors and prizes us above all.

Over the years people have increasingly asked us to teach them how we put on such excellent events that are filled with a love for people and the Presence of God.

In March 2018, we will release a blueprint process for others to run their own world-class events. Events that facilitate people connecting with God and one another and including practical tools to grow with God at work.

If you would like to be notified when this Blueprint becomes available then email me at media [at] heaveninbusiness.com.

Lisa van den Berg comes from South Africa and has 15+ years experience in helping people to practically develop their dreams.

She has worked in both business and church sectors and specializes in building systems that support building people. Her ability to see to the heart of a matter and put both pastoral and technical structures in place to aid growth, enables healthy life success.

Lisa is the Director of Heaven in Business Online, the online Marketplace ministry arm of Bethel Church, Redding, California.


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