“I’ve racked up $80,000 of debt and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”


My husband didn’t speak to me for the next two days as he thought through whether he was staying with me or walking out on this disaster I’d got us in to.

All my life I’ve felt called to the promises of business.

  • Opportunity to serve lots of people
  • Great influence
  • More than enough money for all that I want to do

For many years I tried every type of business that I could think of

  • Flipping houses
  • Network marketing
  • Writing a book
  • Internet courses and coaching
  • Physical product from an invention idea…

All to no avail.

I worked seriously hard yet never achieved any of the ideals that I thought running my own business would bring.

I could justify my spending (I’m not being frivolous, but this new thing might just be all that it’s promised to be…).

Eventually I realized that we couldn’t get any more credit and I would have to come clean and tell my husband what I’d done.

To say that it was two of the most awful days of my life is an understatement and I thank God that both He, and my husband, decided to stay with me and help get us out of the deep dark hole that I had dug.

God, where are You?

There are times when we face really tough situations and it looks like God just doesn’t care. Our prayers go seemingly unanswered, circumstances aren’t shifting (or maybe even getting worse) and the light at the end of the tunnel is a small, dwindling flame.

But, if there’s anything I have learned on this particular journey to recovery, it’s that God is faithful to His Word and His nature. He isn’t going anywhere (Heb 13:5) and His perspective on our life path is way higher than our own (Isa 55:8-9).

It took us 5 years of being on a strict debt repayment plan to get back on even ground and I have shied away from running my own business ever since.

God’s plan for restoration

We have been in the US for around 6 years and have just been granted a work permit that allows us to go back in to running our own business.

As you can understand from our history, we have been equal measures of excited and terrified. The old dreams and desires I had have never faded, so we’ve both decided to give it another go.

The difference is that this time we have seen the faithfulness of God, know Him better and have experienced much healing along the way.

How is He leading us?

My husband and I sat and asked God what it looked like for us to be in business this time around. He’s given us a tool that has brought even more healing and an excitement about what partnering with Him at a new level can look like.

1. Communion

We started off by taking Communion and letting Jesus remind us of what He has done and all that flows from the victory He won on the Cross.

2. Learn and do

I am a learner and so I created a document to record all that we’re learning and the homework we’re doing, in this 30-day business challenge that we’ve embarked on.

3. Record

As I was creating this, I heard God say to start a parallel document on how He is guiding, healing and giving us wisdom each day too. I remembered that I’ve been doing this as we’ve built Heaven in Business Online and I’ve loved it.

Every day we study and become excellent at the business we’re building, but this time, we are inviting God to mold and shape our character at the same time.

He is healing old hurts and bringing us together to build this with each other, instead of me doing it by myself.
He is revealing the lies we still believe and giving us the opportunity to replace them with the Truth instead.
He is giving us insight into who we’re created to be, and thus how we can serve the people we’re called to serve.

What’s happening in us as we go on this journey, is wonderful.

We’re much more attentive to what’s going on because we’re recording everything as we do it. We’re also more aware of God’s mindfulness of us, because of it.

We’re falling more and more in love with Him. We’re undone by His tender loving care. We’re encouraged by His faith in us. We’re astounded by His wisdom. We’re humbled by His majesty. We’re in awe that the Creator of the Universe is so attentive to us and the path we’re traveling.

How absolutely amazing is our God!

Start you own record

So, I encourage you to start keeping track of the daily walk that God loves to take with you too. Record His faithfulness in any way you prefer and make it a practice to read back over what the journey has looked like. Your heart will be so blessed to see how much He cares and how actively He is working out all things for your good (because you love Him and are called according to His purpose – Rom 8:28).

Blessings to you as you say ‘yes’ to hooking arms with Him and seeing where the road leads…

Please comment below with how you intend to (or how you already do), keep a record of God’s goodness in your life.

Lisa is the Director of Heaven in Business Online where she creates & sources transformative teaching for the online Community. Hailing from South Africa, via the UK, she has honed her skills in systems implementation, coaching/mentoring, and customer care. Her experience ranges across both business and church sectors.

Here’s one way she is personally integrating Jesus in all of life. It’s called Adventures with Jesus. Join the conversation!

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