We just passed the ten year mark for being in Redding, CA. Ten years!!! It has certainly been a crazy, wonderful, scary, exhilarating adventure. The one thing I think I would do differently is relax and trust God in the process. That’s easy to say in hindsight. Anyway, ten years is over and the next ten years will be different. Here’s what I’m hearing God say…

The war is over

I woke recently with that phrase (from a Josh Baldwin song) running through my head.

When war ends, you have to change your strategy, your stance, your budget spending… basically your whole approach to life.

If you are still trying to fight, hold your ground etc when the war is over, you will completely miss out on all the ground you could be advancing into. If I don’t change my perspective I will go into meetings with an adversarial or defensive attitude rather than being proactive, advancing, looking to move forward.

I have to let some things go. Mindsets. Grudges. Offenses. Battle scars. Memories.

The war is over.

I got up and checked out my daily memo’s from the head office (ie. read my Bible). I was reading a chapter of Proverbs a day and that day happened to be the 11th. I’m reading the Passion Translation. Check these out;

The blessing that rests on the righteous releases strength and favor to the entire city. Proverbs 11: 10

The blessing of favor resting on the righteous influences a city to lift it higher. Proverbs 11:11

For ten years it’s felt like I’ve been pushing uphill, fighting negative attitudes and opposition (internally and externally). That experience forged something in me where I’ve approached any feedback or opposition or disagreement as a fight. It’s time for that to change. If not, the blessing and favor on my life that is supposed to benefit my city, will never settle on the city. Blessing and favor can only rise over an entire city when the siege mentality is ended.

The war is over

So how do I know if I’m still operating out of siege mentality – a battle mindset?

Easy. How do you react when you come across someone who disagrees or seemingly opposes you? Does your brain immediately start tracking with accusation and judgement? Or do you step back and check whether there could be a completely different approach or outcome? Do you see people as your adversary or on the same team? Is your focus on the mutually agreed outcome or on the little things along the way that seek to shift your attention off what is most important?

The war is over

What do you need to let go of?

Who do you need to forgive?

How can you change your approach – from adversaries fighting in the mud, to working together for a common cause?

It’s time to build.

Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality.He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development.Andy is the director of Heaven in Business and together with his wife, Janine, leads Dream Culture – a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, CA. For more see www.AndyandJanine.com.