As I type these words, there is a generation that God is intentionally and substantially pouring His Spirit out on; do you know which one it is? Several have prophesied, even from the Bethel stage, that an ocean of God’s revival would be poured out wildly on the generations of youth, but those that have said this are misguided and ultimately have misheard. In fact, I dropped to my knees and wept about the fifth time I heard a prophet declare this from a stage. At the time I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I ran out of the service in hopes to get a grip when God spoke plainly and directly to me. He said, “Revival is not coming from the youth. My prophets are speaking from the second heaven! Revival is coming from one generation-old, young, middle-aged; from ONE generation. As my heart ached in grief, God gave me further explanation with a vision of a father standing with his two daughters. The father lovingly looked at one daughter and described her as beautiful, the other daughter he ignored. God replayed this scene three times, and each time the father showered one daughter with affection yet said nothing to the second daughter. God concluded His point with a final word to me. He said, “Omission is powerful. If you say that revival is coming through the youth, what are you saying to the middle-aged and to the elders?”

Acts 2:17-18 says, “In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. Even on my bondservants, both men and women, I will in those days pour out My Spirit and they shall prophesy.” Did you catch that? This ancient promise reveals that generations-old, young, and each generation in-between will demonstrate supernatural signs of personal reconciliation between God and His people, i.e., God speaking to His people through dreams, visions, and prophecy. I propose many Believers have Spirit-filled promises of God that have gone unrecognized and unfulfilled due to the enemy’s attempt to use the mouths of God’s prophets as a weapon in his war. It’s incumbent upon me to tell you that God has not turned His gaze from you and placed it on another. You are not omitted from revival, rather God is restoring your connection with Him in such sovereign ways right now that it will be hard to miss God’s thoughts and plans for you.


How many of you understand that not only does revival not have a generation assigned to it, it doesn’t have a gender, nor is it reserved for a specific social class? My point is, from the moment that God poured His Spirit out on ALL FLESH to this very day, revival is and will always be multigenerational. God powerfully pouring out His Spirit on humankind is a monumental sign of the unrelenting union that He has with His people.

When I think about all of humanity encountering personal revival, Psalm 133:1-2 springs up in my heart—“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.” As I mentioned in several recent blogs and podcasts, here, here, and here, we are living in a movement of God right now that will be marked by reconciliation and unprecedented unity. In fact, if you’re paying attention, there is unity happening not merely within one home or one nation but all over the entire planet. Globally, God’s anointing is flowing like “precious oil” over our irreconcilable differences, restoring our value for relationships and mediating our disputes. Busy schedules have been usurped by quality time due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandates; a renewed fondness for one another now refreshes families. The proverbial multigenerational table is set, and families are now coming together like never before (even if it’s virtual). Duties that were once delegated outside of the home are now being reclaimed, and children are learning to lean on their parents and grandparents more than ever. All of us on this revivable planet are getting an education on the valuable lesson of patient progress over perfection.


The Holy Spirit is very visibly at work right now. And though you may not be experiencing Acts 2 manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life like those on the Day of Pentecost, I want to encourage you not to measure revival or your personal relationship with God strictly by visible manifestations. In fact, one of the most distinctive signatures of revival is a renewed hunger for God and a deep desire to find your identity in Him.

As we move through these times, I want to encourage you with a few ways that I have personally experienced revival and refreshed my relationship with God:

Hang out with people who are alive and well in God (even if they may be having manifestations you’re not having). You may have heard me joke about having the “statue of liberty anointing,” meaning it seems like everyone around me is often powerfully touched by God while I seem unaffected! Check out this short clip of a sermon where I share what God directly said to me about being moved by God.

Share your faith and testimony with others. Psalms 119:99 says, “I have more insight than all my teachers, For Your testimonies are my meditation.” This simply means that when you allow your history with God to counsel you, rather than your fears or any other thing, you will indeed grow in stature and wisdom. Allow your testimonies to be your counsel. Share them with others, and witness the power that you’ve been given.

Be humble. You were born to be amazing—in the very image and greatness of God. I find that one of the biggest deterrents for owning your God-given greatness is the fear of stealing God’s glory. If you don’t want to steal God’s glory, then here’s some good news: you ain’t that big! And get this… the truth is you can’t steal something that was given to you (John 17:22)! For more on humility, check out a recent podcast of mine, Humility is the Way Forward.
I believe you will experience the demonstration of God’s power in your life because, as we’ve learned, God is pouring everything out on “one generation”—all flesh; He is not withholding anything from you. As a Believer, you are a walking encounter of the living God. You are the embodiment of God’s revival.

Kris Vallotton is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Kris travels internationally training and equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. He’s a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom. He has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives. Kris has a passion to use his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world leaders in achieving their goals and accomplishing their mission.