The Most Dangerous Lie You Believe by Hope Seth

A starving hostage doesn’t need a better plan or strategy to find food. They need to be freed. Once free, they’ll find food!

Recently I recognized an area of my life that I kept planning and strategizing about but it just seemed to get worse. The real issue was believing a lie about myself. None of my strategizing and working harder could solve that. I needed truth.

The Source of Poverty

It began with a spiritual battle. Lucifer was proud and sought to be someone he was never created to be (see Ezekiel 28:17). In that moment, he was stripped of favor, beauty, and purpose; he was cast out of Heaven. He BECAME poverty. He became the adversary and the accuser – satan. Out of this nature, he sought to strip God’s creation of its beauty, favor and purpose. His weapons? Doubt and lies. Satan lied to Eve that she was incomplete and that God was withholding good things. She believed the lie and lost access to the garden, the very place of purpose and provision.

The assignment of a spirit of poverty is to deceive a person (or region) from living according to their true identity and thus keep them from accessing the provision connected to their purpose.


The Voice of Poverty

How can you tell if a spirit of poverty is operating in your life? Proverbs says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Here’s an example:

I went through a season where I was the most financially prosperous and at the same time my identity was being attacked. It began when I moved to a new area and took a promotion working in economic development. I began to deal with fear, judgment, comparison, limitation and rejection on a level I had never dealt with before. Usually through my own thoughts and the words of others. I felt like a failure in my assignments and in my relationships – as a wife, a mother, and in business. I would read social media posts about success and leadership and conclude this wasn’t me. I saw myself as deficient and lacking, not in physical resources, but within my very identity, in how I was made. The more I would try and ‘do’ to be successful, the more hopeless I became. I fought, cried and prayed. Mostly all I wanted to do was quit.

I also approached the relationships and situations around me with this same negative perspective. One day, after hours of speaking about the problems and limitations, I realized I was identifying every person, relationship and situation by what it was missing and wrong. My words became clues to the spirit governing my life. Criticism had become my voice of poverty. Now, not only was my own identity being attacked, but I was attacking others as well!

After three years of struggle, determined not to quit, I had a revelation. I was wrestling with a spirit of poverty, not just my own insecurity. I was being attacked in the very place of my assignment – economic development!

Like in The Wizard of Oz, I suddenly saw a force operating behind the screen of comparison, limitation, judgment and rejection. It was a spirit of poverty speaking the lies and telling me who I was NOT. In that moment of revelation, the enemy’s plan was exposed. The lies lost their power and I became free.


The Answer to Poverty

The spirit of poverty is not defined by the size of a bank account. It is a spirit that works to undermine our true identity.

It is easy to think the answer to poverty is better management, planning or strategy. The world will tell us the answer is more money, achieved through better education, harder work and greater output. This is how some may achieve great wealth yet still be bound by a spirit of poverty.

True freedom is knowing who we are created to be and why. It is fully accessing the provision for our purpose. When we know who we truly are, and who our Father is, NOTHING is impossible.



What lie are you believing that is holding you back?

Give the lie to Jesus… “I give you the lie that…”

Ask Him what He wants to give you in exchange.

Now declare that truth over your life.

Post your comments or questions below.

Hope Seth Hope Seth carries a passion for personal and city transformation. She longs to see others connect with the heart of God and discover their identity through hearing His voice. Hope and her husband Micah live in Redding, California with their children Miciah, Isaac and Amarys. In addition to being a wife and a mother, she is the Director of Entrepreneurial Development for the Shasta Economic Development Corp where she works with entrepreneurs and innovative companies to create economic vitality.