Last week I was really struggling with heaviness. I was feeling the weight of everything that’s going on in the world right now and I needed God’s help to do something about it. As I was talking it through with Him, He gave me a key to shifting my personal atmosphere, and I hope it helps you too.

I spoke to a close family member whose medical specialty will put them on the front lines of looking after patients who are very ill – and the facts of their circumstances look dire. As they poured out their heart to me, I could feel the hopelessness and fear in their voice, and it all was all too real. Things don’t look good.

We’re all navigating the balance between wisdom and faith at this time, and so I’ve chosen to get my information from credible sources and keep myself topped up on what God is doing in the midst of it all. But this one hit me for a loop. Now the rubber hits the road for my family. As we finished talking, I felt so overwhelmed with the gravity of the situation that I just burst into tears.

Over the years I have asked Holy Spirit to help me be aware of what is happening in, and around, me. He showed me the weight of the heaviness I was feeling and I asked,
“Lord, what’s going on? Why, the sudden crying and feeling of despair and hopelessness, when I was feeling OK 10 minutes ago?”

As I was thinking it through, Holy Spirit brought a scripture to mind that talks about a ‘spirit of heaviness’ – and I knew what was happening! I was experiencing the effects of that heaviness.

I jumped onto Google and typed in ‘spirit of heaviness’ and saw that it referred to Isaiah 61:3. As I opened my Bible, I saw the answer that He was leading me to. The way to get out from under the heaviness was to replace it with a garment of praise.

I asked, “Lord, what does a garment of praise look like in this situation?”

I remembered that I love to sing along to worship songs, so I went to my playlists and chose two songs that specifically mention the word ‘praise’.

I turned the volume up, and with tears coursing down my face, I sang out my praise to God from the bottom of my heart and with all my might.

I sang through my fear.

I sang through my dread.

I sang through my feeling of helplessness.

And, because it’s not possible to sing praises to God and the atmosphere not shift, I found myself with a huge grin on my face by the time I was done.

The facts of the situation were still very real, but the Truth of ‘who my God is’ had become my reality.

I found myself in total awe of what God had done for me. The way He had turned my tears into joy and my heaviness into praise, in just 10 minutes.

So, I encourage you to…

  1. Be aware: Ask Holy Spirit to help you be cognizant of what’s going on so that you don’t have to sit under something that’s not yours. Let the posture of your heart be one of relying on Him to help you be aware of all that Heaven has to bring to the situations you’re in. He loves to help!
  2. Talk to Him: God loves it when we ask Him questions so that we can hear the wisdom of Heaven about a circumstance. What He has to say about things is way bigger and better than anything we can think of ourselves, so why not take Him up on the invitation to talk it through?
  3. Follow His Leading: Whatever you hear, see, remember or feel as you talk to Him, follow the trail of breadcrumbs that He leaves. Because you’re doing this with Him and relying on Him to lead you (Pro 3:5-6), you can trust that it’s Him showing you the way.
  4. Take action: Do what you feel led to do and see the amazing power of the Truth, bring the reality of Heaven into your circumstances on Earth.

I bless you with a garment of praise as you navigate this season with the One who loves to do life with you.

Lisa heads up Membership Services at Heaven in Business. She created, sourced, refined and systematized the online learning and community platform that serves hundreds of members around the world.

Hailing from South Africa, via the UK, she has honed her skills in systems creation and implementation, spiritual mentoring, and customer care. Her experience ranges across both business and church sectors.

Her greatest passion is helping others to know the love of God and walk fully in their God-given purpose.

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