How do you increase employee retention? More pay? More prayer?

In order to increase employee retention, you need to bring on a journey from Survival to Significance.

Step One:

The first step in employee retention is to help your employees survive. Sounds simple right? The reason they work for you in the first place is, that they want to eat, and have a place to sleep.

When it’s a matter of having food on the dinner table, you’ll find that employees are highly motivated to go above and beyond.

Paying your employees well is important, but did you know that more money does not equal more happiness.

This study done in 2015 shows that happiness peaks around an income of $75,000 per year.

The truth? Raises and bonuses are simply the first step.

Step Two:

You need to create an environment where your employees belong.

This starts with being a good friend,
Here’s a great resource that can teach you ways to be a good friend.

Some of my favorite points:

  • Be appropriately serious & playful
  • Communicate that they are wanted
  • Learn, Understand, & Respect their Boundaries
  • Be honest and constructive when needed
  • Facilitate connections among employees
  • Don’t be afraid to apologize
  • Create intentional time (Separate from when they’re needed)

While reading the Gospel of John I often chuckle.

John believed he was Jesus’ favorite. He even referred to himself as, “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”. During the Last Supper, John could be found reclining on Jesus’ chest.

Sometimes we have this idea that Jesus a quiet, stern, and possibly hard-nosed leader, but I want to challenge that idea. People loved being around him, and we can conclude that he must have been an incredibly fun man.

Pause here…

I’m not advising you have your employees lay on your chest, but I’d like you to ask yourself: Do your employees feel they belong?

Step 3:

Bring Significance to your employees lives.

It’s common for Seeker-Friendly Churches and Pastors to receive negative feedback from “real Believers”.

They are great with creating a belonging environment. They have information cards, home groups, Zumba classes, and Espresso ready at the drop of an iPhone.

Here’s the problem: Seekers come, create friends, find belonging, and go on their way.

The solution?

Create an environment of Significance.

Here at Bethel Church our mantra is:, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”
It’s the vision we always come back to, and has created a united vision in the Church Body.

Put another way…

Do you enjoy going to the gym? Some will say ‘yes’. The truth is, working out is a lot more fulfilling when you have a vision in mind. Perhaps that’s a six-pack, or just seeing your toes for the first time in 20 years…

Vision gives pain a purpose.

If you can instill vision to not only create a great business that influences your city, but show how your employees play a vital role in that, they won’t want to leave… Even when things get hard. 

Finals Thoughts

If we agree that Jesus’ is an example of the ultimate leader then we need to recognize that things didn’t turn out well for everyone he led.

Before Jesus was crucified, Peter denied him 4 times. Scripture indicates that by the time Jesus was resurrected, the other disciples no longer even identified Peter as a disciple. (See Mark 16:7) He was completely separated.

On the same note, Judas only denied Jesus 1 time, yet he wound up dead.

Peter? He became the international leader of the Christian Church.

What’s the point?

You can’t have Peter’s in an environment that doesn’t allow Judas’s.

Give your employees room to grow, and room to fail. They might just be a Peter.