Do you feel the pressure of serving the world well with what God has given you?

Is the burden of knowing how to get your great products and services to people weighing you down?

I discovered that I’m feeling that way too.

Here’s a conversation I had with Jesus that helped me…

LISA: Lord, I have felt as if I’m far away from You for the past week or so

JESUS: Yes, you have been distant, I’ve felt it too

LISA: What’s going on Lord?

JESUS: Lisa, will you come on an adventure with Me?

LISA: Yes my Jesus

JESUS: You have got caught up in the ‘business’ side of life

LISA: Yes Lord, I have been focusing a lot on that lately. I’m so aware of how great a gift You’ve given me to give to the world and I feel a responsibility to steward it well.

JESUS: Lisa, you’re mixing up what I say in Matt 6:33. The thing I ask you to concentrate on is ‘seeking first My Kingdom and My righteousness’ and I will add everything else to that.

LISA: Oh, and I’m trying to do the ‘everything else’ bit and losing focus on You. That’s why I feel distant and am getting stressed.

JESUS: Yes, put the verse back into its right order in your thinking and come to Me. Do the part of the verse you’re to do, so that I can do the part that only I can do.

LISA: Ah, I just felt a whole lot of weight lift off my shoulders Lord. Thank You for putting my thinking back in the right order.

There is something life-giving about keeping things in Divine order.

My strength is responsibility and achiever and I love to get things done with excellence. AND I’m really good at it. But when my strength gets out of control, I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed with all that I need to ‘make right’.

One of the ways that has really helped me to be anchored, is to go back to the Word and see what it has to say. As Holy Spirit helps me to daily live it out, the weight of responsibility of stewarding what I’ve been given is put in the right order.

I encourage you to take time out of ‘doing’ your business and sit with God and talk through what seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness looks like in your circumstances. Then let Him show you what He is doing that ONLY He can!

“But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also.” (Matt 6:33 Amp)

Lisa van den Berg hails from South Africa, via the UK, and has dedicated her over two-decade career to helping people achieve success. She has honed her skills in a variety of roles including systems implementation and management, coaching and mentoring, and customer care. She has worked for a wide range of firms from national IT consultancies to local not for profits, and across both business and church sectors.

Lisa is the Director of ‘Heaven in Business Online’ where she spends her time creating and sourcing transformative teaching and case studies on partnering with God at work, for the online Community. Lisa, and her husband Frans, live in Redding, CA

For more information on how to go on your own adventures with Jesus, visit: AWJToday.com

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