Over-Billing Turned to Blessing

God at work

Printing company owner was over-billed by $6,000 on a repair of printing equipment. It was $8,000 instead of $2,000. Instead of being angry he ask the administrator of the equipment company what kind of coffee the manager in charge of this issue liked. He set up a meeting and brought him coffee to discuss the over-billing on the repair job. The manager said he would take care of it, but nothing happened. Again several weeks later, the printing company owner sets up another meeting and takes him his favorite coffee to bless him. While in the second meeting the printing company owner asks the manager if he had any older equipment he could sell him and he had a budget of $3,500. The manager says I have something that will work great. He proceeds to sell him a $32,000 printing machine for $3,500 because of how he handled the billing mistakes created favor with the equipment company. This machine doubled their current capacity and has given the m a marketing advantage because it uses soy based ink and is eco-friendly. Nothing like demonstrating honor to attract Heaven’s favor. Bill Willis, Portland, OR. (Nov, 2014)


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January 19, 2017

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