Hearing God Benefits Legal Proceedings

God at work

I texted my friend who owns a law firm in Orange County. I was getting a prophetic picture of him cutting the head off a dragon.  I texted him that and said that I felt like God was going to put an end to something that they had been battling or dealing with.  I had no idea what it was about or what they were going through.  My buddy replied and said thank you.  Later that day I found out that he was on his way into court when he got my text message.  He was going to take a case to trial (long drawn out process that is usually very costly and time intensive for everyone involved) and was about to inform the judge of this.  Until he got the text.  He felt like it meant that he should attempt to settle the case one more time.  He had tried to settle the case (offer an amount of money to have it dropped and satisfy all parties involved) numerous times over the past 6 months and the other side never took the settlement.  He had no reason to try again but he did because of the prophetic text.  He offered the same amount as he had at the beginning and for some reason, the person took the settlement this time.  My friend was blown away that it worked and called me to tell me that I had just saved their client lots of money and time.  It made their firm look like geniuses!   God’s wisdom being released through the prophetic, and faith grabbed ahold of it and took a risk.  Jesse Skinner, Redding, CA (Dec, 2014)



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January 19, 2017

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  1. Victoria

    That’s so awesome!


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