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Andy Mason


What if every single business in your city had an overwhelming atmosphere of confidence and hope? What if God took up residence WITH YOU, at work? What could that look like? Is that possible?

God doesn’t want to be just part of your ‘spiritual’ life; He wants to be part of ALL of your life – your work, your play, your eating, your sleeping… He is looking for a resting place (see Isaiah 66). He wants to abide, to remain, to dwell. Jesus said, “Make your home in Me and I will make my home in you… “ (see John 15:4)

So how do you invite God to make His home in your life, your workplace, your business?

Full of testimonies and application, this message will give you keys to start building a culture in your life and workplace that would welcome more of Heaven on earth. Also included is a one-page summary and activation and also a bonus message: “Stories of God at Work.”


Andy Mason

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You have access to a set of tools and paradigms that have verified power to release increase in your business. Sadly, most of us have just been happy to quote scripture and develop character, not realizing there is a whole lot more of God we can access.

One of the keys to invite more of God into your workplace is through testimony, or good news. You get more of the kind of stories you repeat. The stories you agree with and repeat, prophesy your future. Not only that, God inhabits good news.

This practical message, with accompanying notes, will inspire and equip you with keys to build a good news culture in your life and workplace. Through his own story, Andy demonstrates how to win with testimony and then gives you the steps to do the same.


Andy Mason

BOOK $12.95

What distinguishes you as a follower of Christ in the marketplace? Living out kingdom principles and displaying godly character are minimum standards, but there has to be more than just working hard and harvesting the fruits of your labor. God is not limited to a pulpit, but where is the tangible evidence of a supernatural God with you every day in your business? God With You at Work will validate you in your calling as a businessperson. It will launch you into a whole new realm of experiencing more from a partnership with God in your daily activity.

Andy’s personal journey and the stories from other real-life business people will shatter your ‘normal’ and become your stepping stone to access greater things. The tangible Presence of God is the distinguishing factor that causes you to stand out. It’s not compulsory, but it is an invitation. Do you want it? “If you’ve never been certain that God wants to break into your world and rock your business… you need this book.” Perry Marshall, bestselling author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing and The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords


Andy Mason

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Most people think resting in peace is only inscribed on your tombstone when you die. God offered, and Jesus modeled, something different—a lifestyle of rest and peace. “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest” (Exodus 33:13). So how do we live from His rest and at the same time remain competitive in a high performance business environment? In a revealing and personal way, Andy takes you on his own journey of learning to live and perform from rest. This message will give you the hope and opportunity to experience performance from God’s Presence with testimonies of physical, financial and emotional healing for individuals and businesses.


Andy Mason


Are you satisfied with the level of favor, influence and competitive advantage you have in the marketplace? There has to be more than just working hard and getting the fruits of your labor alone. Where is God in all this? Is He limited to partnering with people in a pulpit, or is He really interested in the marketplace? “Christ in you” is the greatest competitive advantage any businessperson could ever hope for. This message will validate you in partnering with the Person of God and your dreams in the marketplace.


Andy Mason


The cross and resurrection was not just an ownership transfer and the purchase of our freedom, but also the restoration of family and inheritance. We were adopted as sons and daughters of God (Romans 8:15).

This message, with slides and activation, will challenge what you truly believe about your place as a son or daughter of God. You will be led through a time of encountering more of the Father and given keys to walk in a greater measure of your adoption as children of God.


Janine Mason, Wendy Backlund, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk


Are you an educator or administrator who is hungry to know how to release more of God’s presence in your environment?

Regardless of whether you teach, public, private or homeschool, in a religious or secular setting, the Kingdom of God belongs in your school. What principal doesn’t want more peace, more love and more honor in their school? As a Kingdom educator it is your responsibility and privilege to bring His presence to your school as you go about your day.

But partnering with God in an educational environment can be challenging. You need tools to equip you and inspiration to keep you going on the journey. Here Wendy Backlund teaches us how to become victorious in our emotions, Danny Silk reminds us to keep dreaming with God and Janine Mason challenges us to focus on becoming who we are in Christ. Kris Vallotton talks about helping students develop and internal structure so they can learn and in the bonus session you will hear from educational practitioners who are releasing the Kingdom in their sphere.

This series of teachings will inspire and equip you as you develop a lifestyle of bringing the Kingdom wherever you go.


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