It’s Wednesday and we don’t have money for Thursday. It’s the middle of the month and I’m not invoicing anything for the rest of the month. My wife has had pain in her lower abdomen for 4 months and the doctors don’t know what it is. One week in hospital, one surgery, and still pain and now one large medical bill. I lie in bed feeling like my life is falling apart.

Barely 3 days ago, I had just preached on how to have more resurrection life. The key was to “die more”. I had said, “The more we die the more can be resurrected”. I had shared where we were, where my business was and where Vanessa’s health was. Many came forward in my moment of vulnerability and stood in their own moment of vulnerability to allow the Father to work in them. We decided to stop pretending we had life in every area (via social media) and actually let our pride die so true resurrection life could come in and revive us. It was a powerful encounter time and yet 3 days later I still felt like I was dying.

Just that morning a businessman I know asked me if we needed help. He encouraged me that if we did, to simply ask him and let him know what we needed financially. He specifically said 3 times to “not let my pride stand in the way”. His words were resonating in my head loudly on this day.

“If I ask him for money I’m sure it will be a loan. That’s just what I need, debt!… If I ask him, then he will know that my business is struggling right now. He will look at me differently… not as my social media is portraying me.” These were the words rolling around in my head crashing against my faith as I drowned in my thoughts. But slowly faith began to rise. I had already told everyone where we were on Sunday night. My life was already on display. I had already put pride down to be sacrificed (at least in this area of my life).

Finally, after wrestling internally, I sent a text message to ask the gentleman for what we needed to get us through the rest of the month for food and gas. Then faith spoke a louder word in my heart, and I told him the amount that would settle our back payments and give us some breathing room. The second amount was ten times larger than the smaller amount. I had no expectation at this point of receiving anything, I was more preoccupied with how hard this was, asking for help.

In a few moments a text came back saying that he and his wife, after praying, had felt to give us the full “ten times” amount!!! My family and I were amazed at what the Father had just done in our lives!

The next day, Vanessa went to see a physiotherapist that a friend and suggested to us. At this point we were ready to try anything. A physiotherapist for the deep, lower abdominal pain? After all the tests showed nothing? Well, why not?

Vanessa went to see her and within the first 5 minutes she had discovered the issue. The following day was the first day in months Vanessa did not have to take any pain medication!! Within two weeks she was pain free!!

Two miracles for our family, simply because we were learning to “die well”. There is power in the process that the Father has you in. I often say don’t fight the process. Go where it is leading and let the Father work on the parts that need the work. Healing and restoration, resurrection life, are yours to be had if you just let go. Your social media account doesn’t determine how much life you have. Even your business bottom line doesn’t determine how much life you have. True life will come from those spaces where you are being vulnerable. Your vulnerability is you lying down on the alter and letting the Father resurrect a new life and way of being.

Do you have a community where laying down is common? Can you help create a business community where vulnerability is championed and not the next marketing idea? Where is the Father calling you to sacrifice yourself?

Resurrection life is waiting!

Adam Bright has been involved in organizational development for 27 years. He is a Strategic Coach, Coach Trainer, Mentor and active public speaker. He engages in the coaching of individuals and couples as well as coaching at an organizational level both nationally and internationally. Formally the HR director of a mid-sized business group in South Africa, he founded Catalyst Coaching (Pty) LTD in 2007. He has currently partnered Catalyst Coaching with the largest Private Equity Firm in South Africa. He offers an insightful understanding of people and their underlying motivations and has the ability to clearly and effectively communicate to others in order to bring about change and self awareness. Adam is passionate about helping people discover purpose and shift culture. He is married to Vanessa for 19 years and they have 5 boys (ranging from 20 months to 25 years old) living, with great amounts of laughter, under one roof. If you want to find out more how you could engage Adam through Heaven in Business Advisory Services, find out more here – HeaveninBusiness.com/Advisory