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Join a growing global movement of people who are experiencing God at work, and influencing their city.

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

Experiencing God At Work

Seeing & experiencing more of God at work is easier than you think, even in the industries you’d least expect.

Creating a Kingdom Culture

A great work culture eats strategy for breakfast. Our experts will share how they have built their businesses on Kingdom Culture. You’ll learn to navigate the good, the bad and the ugly.

Keys for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual gifting and growth are not reserved for Sundays. You will learn how to hear God’s voice for business solutions, identify and shift the atmosphere at work, and integrate your spiritual giftings in every practice.

Keys for Personal Growth

Your business will grow at the pace and capacity of your leadership. Here we give you our best-practices for personal growth, self-management, decision making, visionary leadership and more.

Keys for Business Success

God designed us to prosper. This doesn’t simply mean our pocketbooks. We were designed to prosper in all of life. Our proven practitioners will set you up to truly succeed. This includes mindset, prosperity, and legacy.

How to Influence Your City

As you master these topics you will naturally grow in leadership and influence. You were born to add value and influence the community and city you serve. In this section, you will learn HOW.

You’ll get access to:

Teachings with practical keys from proven leaders that will immediately apply personally and in business.

Biblical truths, that will challenge you to believe for the impossible and advance in every circumstance.

Case studies of everyday people who have walked where you walk and faced what you face. We understand you.

Encouraging and motivating messages sent directly to your inbox

Fresh weekly content that is designed to face your current challenges and opportunities.

You will be part of:

  • A growing global movement of people who are experiencing God at work, and influencing their city.
  • Accelerating God’s momentum in the business realm.
  • Our Private Facebook Group that allows for strategic collaboration, personal prayer and real-time stories of God at work.
  • Members-Only Events that will give you behind-the-scenes updates, Q&A discussion and personal interaction with instructors
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