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Do you want more of God in your business?

  • Do you worry whether or not business is your true calling?
  • Is it difficult to align business success with spiritual success?
  • Does it feel like you could do more for God’s Kingdom?
  • Do you want to grow in God, and grow in business?

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Here’s what you’ll Learn

God At Work

Bringing God to work doesn’t need to be complicated, this section will give you the foundations you need to grow.


A great work culture eats strategy for breakfast. Let our experts show you how to build a great work environment.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is key in order to bring God into business growth. We are not only flesh and blood.

Personal Growth

How can you expect to lead if you’re the one that needs growing? You must grow in order for your business to grow.

Business Growth

God designed us to prosper. This doesn’t just mean our pocketbooks, it means every area.


God designed us to prosper. This doesn’t just mean our pocketbooks, it means every area.

Influence Cities

The natural overflow of all of the previous areas is the influence of your city. It comes with the territory.

If business is your true calling,
Heaven in Business Online has been designed to help you live that out.

That means…

  • You have permission to succeed, and prosper.
  • Wealth & Generosity are in your DNA.
  • Influencing your community comes with the territory.

Connect to our Community

You get to access to other business people walking through the same trials and victories.


Learn from our Experts

We have a library of teachings, and case studies from business leaders that have traveled the highs & the lows.


Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow your business? That’s easier said than done. Don’t worry, we’re going to walk through this with you.

Your membership also includes


Connect with others who are hungry to experience more of God with us at work. Join the discussion, ask anything, share best practice – Kingdom style, be encouraged by the testimonies AND add your faith to see workplace prayer answered.


Join us for live calls, & Q/A sessions with real people who are walking the talk in their workplace. Interact with others who can help you with practical application and inspire you with stories of how much God loves to come to work with you.



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