Help me organize my mind!!!

I woke up with a million thoughts going through my mind this morning. I started to feel the familiar anxiety that compels me to get up and act on my ‘to do’ list. This causes me to feel like I’m in a spiral of endless things to do and accomplish – even though I already do and accomplish so much.

Ever felt this way? Here’s what I’m learning to do to bring peace to my mind…

I started talking to Jesus about what rest looks like for me and this is the thought that came to my mind:

“Lisa, you let the million thoughts dictate your actions.
How about you tell them what you want them to do instead?”


As I lay there I started to say, “Thoughts, I do not wish to listen to you all right now – this is my quiet time. I will listen to you when I sit down to work. Then, I will concentrate on all the thoughts to do with one topic at a time.”

This is what I’m learning…

Honor your mind
Thank your thoughts for even being there in the first place. Thank God that you have the ability to reason and think and plan and dream with Him. The result of all this is lots of thoughts. Our part is to be grateful for them and then get them to serve us well.

Your thoughts serve you, not you them
Getting my head around this was not only a great revelation but also a great release. I always felt so pressured into action by the many thoughts. As if I thought that if I acted on the thought straight away that it would relieve the pressure I felt. However, that works only temporarily before the next one comes along.

It’s a privilege to be living a life of service and endeavor
Instead of being burdened underneath the million things to do, I have started looking at all the things I am involved in as a great privilege. I am doing things that positively affect people’s lives. I am contributing to not only my own growth but also to the people I get to do life with. When my life is a great mix of things that all bring life to me and others then it turns into an exciting adventure rather than an endless ‘to do‘ list.

Here’s a practical application:
I set an alarm on my phone for 50 minutes. As the time starts I thank God that He loves to work with me and I ask Him for His guidance and ideas. Then I concentrate on only one topic (organizing a conference) or task (emptying my Inbox) at a time. I leave every other ‘non-urgent’ thing until later.

When the alarm goes off I stop working (it’s my way of honoring the time limit I set and saying thank you to my mind and body for working so well for 50 minutes). Then I get up and walk or drink some water or talk to my colleagues. I repeat this cycle throughout the day around meetings etc.

This is revolutionizing my life. My level of peace and joy is so much greater than it was before. I feel like I’m leading my life instead of being dictated to by a million things to do. I hope it helps you too…

Lisa van den Berg comes from South Africa and has 15+ years experience in helping people to practically develop their dreams.

She has worked in both business and church sectors and specializes in building systems that support building people. Her ability to see to the heart of a matter and put both pastoral and technical structures in place to aid growth, enables healthy life success.

Lisa is the Director of Heaven in Business Online, the online Marketplace ministry arm of Bethel Church, Redding, California.