This week the Wall Street Journal posted an article titled, “Is it insane to Start a business during Coronavirus?” We may feel like shrinking back and doing everything possible to protect what we do have, but this article goes on to note that applications for new businesses are increasing at the fastest rate since 2007! If this is happening around us, how much more should it happen through the people who God has commanded to have faith (see Hebrews 10:39)! Even more so, what is possible when you combine the best of business practice with the fullness of a friendship with God and a calling to shape the value of nations?

 Starting next week, October 5th, Heaven in Business is launching our Business Startup Program. This 12 week, mentor-based program will guide you through the practical foundations to turn your idea into a viable business. Our (pre-recorded) instructors from around the world will teach you milestones from completing your business model canvas, to the internal world of an entrepreneur through to pitching your company. You will be able to learn from real-life case studies, receive weekly mentoring from people who have navigated the business world successfully, and collaborate with like-minded peers. You get to do all of this, while integrating your faith every step of the way.

 If God has given you an idea that you’ve been waiting for the right time to act on, wait no longer! Whether by necessity or by opportunity, now is the time for innovative ideas to flood the marketplace and for the kingdom of God to advance in every area of society. If this opportunity gets you excited please click on the link at the end of the blog to learn how to sign up!

Here are a couple of testimonies from past participants: 

From Confusion to $50,000 of Clarity

Tammy had a business idea but had never made a pitch before. After her first mentor meeting, the mentor commented how painful the session was because Tammy wasn’t able to clearly communicate the business. Tammy went on to complete the Heaven in Business Startup program, learning how to structure and present the business. She then pitched the business at the end of the week and ended up being awarded one of the best! A few weeks after graduating the program Tammy made her first ‘real’ pitch, resulting in a successful $50,000 investment.

Jesus: Your Chief Marketing Officer

Damaris had a small made-at-home nutrition bar business. She wanted help to grow this to the next level. During one of her mentoring sessions she received prayer that Jesus would be her Chief Marketing Officer. While in the session her phone had been buzzing but she ignored it. At the end of the session she checked her phone to see a missed call. This happened to be from a person who had seen her social media posts and was interested in buying the product at wholesale for distribution to a network of gas station convenience stores. Upon returning home the brand-new customer made significant purchases of product and then a few months later invested in the business itself! Jesus knows marketing!!! 

Whether you have an idea waiting to be launched or a small business ready to all-in, we agree that these testimonies can be yours! If you are ready to kick procrastination and fear for touch and fully embrace the next steps of your faith and business journey then signup for the Heaven in business startup program.