Are you in a situation where you are waiting for a promise to be fulfilled or a deal to close and it has been delayed or keeps changing? This is for you…

You are not crazy!

Sometimes we feel like quitting and giving up. You’re normal.
Sometimes we feel we’ve tried a million times (you actually haven’t) and nothing is working. You’re normal.
Sometimes there is emotional pain involved in trying again. You’re normal.
Sometimes there is physical pain involved in trying again. You’re normal.
Sometimes we throw a fit and even cuss when nothing seems to be working. You’re normal.
Sometimes we think we can die from: lack of finances, no sales, failed business, bill collectors etc… You’re normal.
Sometimes we wonder if we actually heard from God. You’re normal.
Sometimes the very thing we heard from God seems impossible. You’re normal.
Sometimes we try everything we know and still fail. You’re normal.

Hanging on to the promises from our Father and never letting go, no matter what circumstances look like, is NOT normal. Holding on is what makes you a Believer; a child of God; a man or woman of faith.

You are royalty. You are valuable. You have eternal worth. You are wanted. That is why Jesus suffered for you! You are supernatural, healed, redeemed and so much more.

You are not alone

I have been through all the above failures and victories and much more in my life (several times over). Jesus has made one thing very clear every single time: He has been rooting for me the entire time and He’s never giving up. He can’t, He won’t, end of story. He wins.

So next time you think life is rough, read your Bible, watch Passion of the Christ, seek trusted friends to pray for you, trust the Lord, go to church, spend time on your knees praying and crying… And no matter what, do what you have to do to get your spirit, mind and body in alignment with the Fathers promises for your LIFE!

You are born to overcome challenges

We are all created individually for something that nobody normal could ever do. Trust the Lord and always look for Him, His involvement, His DNA, His whisper, His signs, His love, His encouragement. Most importantly focus on the truth about what He thinks about YOU and your situation!

Watch the video below of a young man attempting a skateboard trick. It’s nothing life-saving or world changing… but more importantly focus on how you FEEL watching him try, and fail over and over again.

God WANTS you to succeed

Do you want him to succeed? Does it bother you that he’s getting hurt and frustrated? Do you care about him as a person? Do you understand why he keeps putting himself through this?
Now think about how Father God is always watching us in our difficult situations. How MUCH MORE does He want to see us SUCCEED?


Now I pray a simple but overwhelming blessing over all of you… may the love and purpose of God surround your heart and strengthen your spirit in every situation you face today and in the future. AMEN!

Garth is a California Native and has been living and running businesses in Redding since 2001.

He has over 27 years in business ownership. His life is dedicated to the education, support and growth of the outdoor industry. Through business, outdoor education or personal adventure, Garth has lived a complete and extremely adventurous life through the help of Jesus Christ. He can be found on a daily basis either riding a bicycle, in a kayak, on top of a mountain or some new adventure somewhere.

A proud United States Air Force Veteran, Husband, Father and Grandfather, each day Garth lives to bless others with adventure, education, coaching, consulting and prayer. To experience more adventure and see what Garth is up to, check out his website: www.theadventurist.site