“I don’t want people to feel manipulated by our marketing”

Learning the in’s and out’s of marketing has been challenging for me as I’ve navigated the two seeming opposites of getting our message out there and doing so in a way that feels good.

Here is what Holy Spirit has shown me that has turned that all ‘right side up’

I have spent many, many hours studying the art of marketing. It’s a vital skill to learn when you’re called to let people know about the good news of partnering with Heaven in your workplace.

You need to know how to honor people’s time and head space. How to communicate in a way that shows value. How to fully give people the opportunity to engage with something that can have a profound effect on their life.

I have always said to God, “Lord, I want people to feel as loved through a screen as they would if they were in front of me”

So, I decided to step out in faith and see what could happen.

I remember sitting scheduling our Facebook posts one day. I had done my research and knew that you, our people, engaged best with what you saw at 4am and 3pm PST.

I had drawn a table of 7 days with 2 timeslots per day and decided where and when I would post what so that the biggest possible audience would see the testimonies and events.

We have a great collection of over 600 stories of how God has done the miraculous in people’s lives and we felt Holy Spirit tell us to post one of these stories each day as an encouragement.

As I looked through the collection, I asked Him to show me something beyond my own marketing knowledge. I wanted to see what I was doing through His eyes and allow Him to touch people with the miracles the stories showcased.

I scrolled through the testimonies and one was highlighted to me. It was the story of a woman getting healed from cancer and it felt like it was important to share. I asked God to show me when it need to be posted (day and timeslot) and felt to publish it on Tuesday at 3pm.

Then I asked Him to show me what would happen.

I closed my eyes and saw an Oncologist’s reception room. It was packed with probably 40 patients all waiting for their treatment. I had cancer in 2011 and I remember sitting in a similar room awaiting my radiotherapy sessions each day.

I saw a young woman who was bored with waiting and was scrolling through her Facebook feed. She stopped, and backed up as she read the headline of my post. Slowly she thumbed through the whole story and I saw her being profoundly impacted by what she read.

She stood up, stamped her foot, and I KNEW she had taken the story as her own and that God had healed her right there!

I opened my eyes with tears rolling down my face as I felt the love of God flooding over both her and me (just as I’m feeling now as I write this). I was stunned by the impact Heaven could have on a routine marketing task…and I have never seen marketing in the same way again.

Now I know that telling the world the good news of God wanting to be in loving relationship with us is a message I will be spreading my whole life.

Heaven influenced my understanding and view of marketing greatly that day.

When we tell people of what is on offer, from a heart of love, through the eyes of Heaven, then it’s a great service to the world.

I encourage you to take the work of your hands and ask God how He wants to influence it. Ask Him how He sees its impact on the world and who it will touch and bless.

Thank you for the way you serve the world with what you do for work every day.

Lisa van den Berg hails from South Africa, via the UK, and has dedicated her over two-decade career to helping people achieve success. She has honed her skills in a variety of roles including systems implementation and management, coaching and mentoring, and customer care. She has worked for a wide range of firms from national IT consultancies to local not for profits, and across both business and church sectors.

Lisa is the Director of ‘Heaven in Business Online’ where she spends her time creating and sourcing transformative teaching and case studies on partnering with God at work, for the online Community. Lisa, and her husband Frans, live in Redding, CA

For more stories of how you can go on adventures with Jesus, come and visit us here: www.AWJToday.com

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