This Christmas season, we invite you to join us with us as we advance into 2020. Praying as a team we sense the word for the year is ‘Multiplication.’ Our focus right now is on preparing for that increase.

In 2017 I wrote the book ‘God With You At Work’. It outlines the foundations I have learned on my journey pursuing what it looks like to experience God with us at work. On that journey I have met many others, like you, who have the same passion.

As a Christmas gift we have decided to give you the Audio Book Version of “God With You At Work” completely free. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to get yours!

Below is a testimony from the book that is just one of the hundreds we have collected from you over the years as you have taken up the challenge of partnering with God in your workplace.

Let it encourage you that there is so much more that God wants to do in, and through, your life.

Supernatural Multiplication of Wood Chips

With over 23 years’ experience in his industry, Chris is a wood chip buyer for a particular energy company. The company’s 50 MW power plant uses around 1,400 tons of wood chips per day.

After being with this particular company for a year, Chris had the opportunity to go with his wife on a 16-day mission trip. The problem was he would need to ensure the plant did not run out of wood chips while he was away. Secondly, the timing of the trip (March) coincided with the most difficult month to access a supply of chips. In spite of this, Chris’s manager approved the time off.

The January and February leading up to the mission trip were exceptionally dry months, resulting in what Chris called “a super abundant supply.” By the time he left on the trip, there were enough wood chips in the plant’s storage to provide for 16 more days than Chris had planned!

Wood chip deliveries dropped dramatically while Chris was gone, and by the time he returned, the wood chip inventory was noticeably down. Chris began to lose sleep worrying about where he would find enough wood chips to keep the plant going. He complained to God, “If the plant runs out of fuel, then my manager will never let me go on a mission trip again.”

Chris told his wife about his concerns, asking her to pray. She suggested he take some plastic gold coins and scatter them over the chip pile as a prophetic act declaring that God, as abundant provider, would multiply the chips in the piles.

It took Chris a few days, but finally he mustered up the courage to follow through on his wife’s God-idea. One afternoon in mid- April, he stood by the side of the conveyor, carrying wood chips to the pile with a pocket full of gold coins. He began dropping coins one at a time on the moving conveyor declaring, “God is my provider. He did not pave the way for me to go to Ecuador to see me fail now. He is worthy to be trusted. He promised to supply all my needs and bless me to be a blessing to my employer.”

Then things started to happen!

First, in early May a survey company was employed to accurately assess the quantity of chips in the pile (for inventory). The survey showed there were 7,000 tons MORE than what the books showed! For the next two months, Chris noticed that even when the chip piles should have been shrinking, they seemed to remain the same size.

Another survey was performed in early July that showed there were now 16,000 additional tons in the piles than what showed on the books! Although there were some minor efficiency repairs made to the boilers in May, this did not account for the magnitude of difference between actual and book inventory.

In response, the accountants adjusted the monthly chip use downward by 10 percent to try to get the book inventory closer to actual. At the end of two months, it seemed the chip piles were still growing faster than was being shown on the books, and the accountants further adjusted the monthly chip use downward by 15 percent for another three months.

In mid-December, the survey company returned to measure the piles. The report showed there were still 14,000 tons more than what was on the books—equivalent to an additional $720,000!

The magnitude of God’s supernatural blessing to Chris’ employer resulted in a direct bottom line profit increase of $1.5 million for the year. This was in addition to the inventory increase of $720,000 of unaccounted-for chips.

A physical inventory taken at the end of February showed the actual and book inventory were finally in balance. The $720,000 of unaccounted-for chips was accounted as profit for the new year. As Chris says, “All in all, God answered my gold coin prophetic act and extravagantly added $2.2 million worth of chips to my employer’s income statement over a 10-month period.

I now know that I need never worry about chip supply ever again because God continues to show that He is my abundant provider!”

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