“I don’t know if I am going to be able to afford to stay in this house next year…” a good friend shared with me last week. It was a home his family had recently purchased. We had been discussing how the COVID19 crisis had turned his entire business on its head, and he had no idea how the fall was going to look. He had been out of work entirely for the past 4 months with no end in sight.

Do you feel agitated?

This story is all too common, and personally, I have been feeling the struggle also. How are you supposed to plan for the fall quarter when you’re not sure what next week is going to look like? Not only that, I have been noticing in my own life that my peace level in my heart was not optimal. To say that I have been agitated would be to put it nicely.

While on a plane two days ago, after watching a movie that focused on one of todays social hot topics, I had about 30 minutes until we landed at Sacramento. I decided that I needed to take some time to get God’s perspective. You would have thought that I would have done that a lot earlier, right?

“Why do the nations rage?”

Immediately that thought popped into my head. That totally describes what is going on around me: chaos, confusion, anger. It is directly out of Psalm 2. The nations today are raging. What was Gods invitation? To see it from His perspective.

“He who sits in the heavens laughs.”

God is laughing. He is not laughing at us; He is laughing at the problem: God is not at all worried about this.

Right there. I immediately recognized I am more worked up about this than God is.

God’s got this!

If I am more emotionally involved in this situation than He is, that is the problem. He is the One who sees the beginning from the end, and is in control. He Laughs. He is the One who turns crisis into opportunity. He is the One who creates business opportunities from nothing. He is the One who appointed me and you for a great work. He laughs.

Further down the Psalm in verse 6 it says He has appointed the king. He has appointed you for your work in your business to represent Him. You can take confidence in this thought, and choose today to ONLY be as emotionally invested in this than He is.


We can do this by first identifying an area of our business and life where we are struggling to find hope. Then pray a prayer like this, like I prayed on the plane on approach to Sacramento:
“God show me what you want me to know about ___________”.

One of the leaders in our environment says that we need to be suspicious of any thought that doesn’t glisten with hope. Identify those areas and ask God to show you what He thinks of those areas. Then choose to adopt how he sees those areas.

And it’s always a great idea to do what God does… cut loose a little and laugh!

Amos Ford is the Student and Local Initiatives Director at Heaven in Business. He oversees events and programs that assist cities and communities in partnering with God at work.

He grew up in Ohio working in the family auto repair center and developed a value for business.

He has served for 13 years in Youth With A Mission leading mission training schools, as well as helping pioneer a new YWAM base in Louisville, Kentucky.

Amos lives with his wife Amy in Redding, California.