The Power of Momentum

It’s harder to lead average. It’s easier to lead excellent.
Excellent is easier to maintain than average.
Here’s why. One word: momentum.

Create Room For Possibilities

When something is crushed out of the park, the release button gives you sleepless nights of excitement and the early mornings are filled with carryover momentum. Possibilities loom around you every hour. The team knows they’re part of something excellent and their families know it too.

“We’re part of changing the world. The long hours, the hard days, the tough conversations are all worth it.” When it’s average, the luxury of momentum falls away like a 2-star motel. The mornings are a drag. Questions like, “Is this worth it?” or “Is there something better I could be doing?” plague the office. We’re part of a race where winning doesn’t seem exciting. Weekend hangouts are the thrill, and your fiancé or friends question why you do what you do for a living. And that cup of coffee is now accustomed to taking off the (average) edge of what’s in front of you.

Do it like Heaven is watching

Mustering inspiration for an average project is like painting a government building gray and trying to be excited about it. Instead, do it like a world class artisan. Do it like Heaven is watching. Do it like it’s the greatest opportunity in the world. If you have the attitude of world-class, then it doesn’t matter what you do — it’s got momentum.

Tommy Deuschle is a native Zimbabwean with a heart to see the narrative of nations change through creative media & Kingdom Marketplace. He grew up serving and leading at the local church his parents founded, Celebration Church, which now sees 9,000 people gathering weekly in over 130 different locations throughout Southern Africa. His media company was contracted by the Office of the President in 2018 to assist in re-branding the nation. Tommy is passionate about using his gift of communication, entrepreneurship and storytelling to inspire and create readiness & passion in a generation for a One Name, Jesus.

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