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It started for me in 2008. I was working in agricultural finance for a leading New Zealand bank.

I loved God and I loved helping people through business.

I had heard stories of God doing the miraculous but I hadn’t seen much of that in my own daily work.

I wanted more.

Then God spoke to my wife and I about leaving the life we knew and going to a new country. Specifically, to cross the line of limitations we had set for ourselves. The line that divides a good life from a faith-filled life of experiencing God’s promises fulfilled.

So we did. It was hard. People didn’t understand. I felt afraid. It felt like I lost control.

But I experienced more of God with me, really with me, than ever before.

And I discovered a life where I get to work with Him, not just for Him.

Jesus didn’t just die for us to get to Heaven. He died for us to partner with Him and bring Heaven to earth. He wants to see our cities become fully alive. For that to happen the economic engine of our cities must thrive, and that means you and I must thrive in our place of work.

God… the CREATOR God… wants to partner with us in ALL of life.


So… how do you access Heaven in your daily work?


How do you get God’s solutions to your problems?


How do you find others genuinely walking the same journey?


We started an experiment. We just took a step and connected with some local businesses.

It began with a prayer meeting in a local startup. It grew from students and local business people, to a global audience of believers in the workplace who are hungry to experience more of the Presence and power of God daily.

And the results started to grow.

We heard stories of everyday people discovering a God who is more than willing to engage in everyday life. And He knows more about our work than we do!

For example:

A pizza franchise that prays over the dough and sees their patrons healed of food allergies.

A CEO of a manufacturing company whose sales forecast jumped more than a hundred fold in sixty seconds.

A stock trader who heard tips from the Almighty and made fifty thousand dollars in 24hrs.

A skeptic who didn’t know he had a soul experienced business vision that lit his soul on fire.

A copywriter who listened to our content and his Parkinson’s symptoms reduced to zero.


I found what I was looking for!

And you can too.

After five years building our proof of concept I clearly heard God say “GO ONLINE.”

So we did. We created Heaven in Business Online.

Heaven in Business online

Do You Want more?

We took the best of what we have experimented with and put it into an online learning platform. Here you can learn foundational principles and real life application to experience God at work and grow business culture that can influence cities. You can learn in your own style and at your own pace with the on-demand video, downloadable audio and session notes.

We add to the content monthly including all our conferences, workplace wisdom series, exclusive access to live Q&A sessions and short, inspirational videos delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.

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Then we bolted on a community forum where you can connect with others on the same journey, ask real questions of real people, share testimonies and prayer requests and add to the momentum of this global tribe.

With a monthly subscription you get access to ALL of this AND you can check it our for ONLY ONE DOLLAR.

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Check it out for only $1 for 30 days

We believe you will be delighted with what you experience – more of God, more workplace success, more influence in your city. We will even send you a warning email at day 20 to remind you to cancel your subscription unless you are delighted.

Just click SIGN ME UP and you can immediately get full access. Coupon code: trial

After the trial period full membership is $30/yr or $300/year.

So, who is this for?

Business Owners

If you love business and feel frustrated at the gap between what you hear about God and what you EXPERIENCE in your day to day work, then welcome to your community! This resource will validate your calling as a business person and equip you with teaching, application and real-world stories of how to INTEGRATE your spirituality with business success. There is more and here is where you will find it.


If you want to build business that DEMONSTRATES a partnership with God and eternally influence your community, then you have come to the right place. Join a growing community who are learning how to ACCESS and APPLY Heavenly ideas and solutions and build culture where the supernatural becomes a daily experience. Listen any time, anywhere to keep motivated and full of hope as you do what has not been done before!

Manager or Workplace Leaders

If you have responsibility anywhere in your workplace, you are constantly looking for ways to meet expectations, improve the environment, maintain work:life balance and somehow be Christ to those around you. You are NOT ALONE.  Here you will  meet others wrestling through the same challenges, learn how simple it is to hear God and experience the benefits of co-laboring with Him at work and ALL OF LIFE.

Spiritual Leaders

If you are a spiritual leader in your community then you want to know how to best EQUIP and encourage your people to colabor with God and influence cities and nations.  Here you will find an ever-growing RESOURCE of trusted content to  do just what you have been praying for! Use the teaching, video, notes and testimonies in your small groups or regular meetings. Contact us for more ways you can  use this resource to serve your vision.

Just click SIGN ME UP and you can immediately get full access. Coupon code: trial

What do others say?

“Heaven in Business has been a transformative resource for me. It is effectively blending the big picture of how Heaven’s perspective can impact my business with practical, day-to-day insight on how to make that a reality.
The platform is easy to use, the content is exceptional and interaction with others that are accessing Heaven’s solutions for for real world issues  is remarkable.” Gary KlopfensteinCEO, GK Investments


“Heaven in Business has been an amazing well of refreshment personally and professionally. The team is so devoted to teaching, speaking, and building Heaven into your business – it’s amazing!
Whether it’s the online teaching, community, or the incredible conferences, you will be changed by being connected to God through Andy and his team. Always inspired. Always encouraged! I am learning to to give God a place to rest upon! Barbara Hogan, Co-Owner and Chief Culture Officer, Afidence

Just click SIGN ME UP and you can immediately get full access. Coupon code: trial

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Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality.

He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development.

Andy is the director of Heaven in Business and together with his wife, Janine, leads Dream Culture – a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, CA. For more see www.AndyandJanine.com.

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