This is a summary of the book Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle by Kris Vallotton. The format of this summary gives an overview of the book followed by key points, the most significant point for me and three action points to apply the learning.



The book is about developing followers of Jesus who make history, His-story – who gain influence in society through invitation (character) and then transform the thinking and culture through the supernatural, combined with the wisdom of Christ.

The reason the author wrote the book is to unfold the mysteries of the Kingdom of God that lie in the invisible realm in order to equip the saints with spiritual gifts and to train them to build strategic alliances with Heavenly allies. The author’s intent is that this book would lead the body of Christ to victories never before heard or experienced – bringing Heaven to earth.

Key Points:

  • I am the bridge between what should be and what will be – between history and His-story.
  • True discipleship is meant to empower people to be transformed into the image of Christ. Religion redefines discipleship, conforming people into replicas of their leaders.
  • We must come to the forefront of spiritual understanding so we can lead the nations from darkness to light.
  • Jesus developed a faith culture around Him that resulted in Him trusting people before they deserve it… resulting in 11 world changers and one person killing himself.
  • Risk opens the door to the adventure in God; nothing supernatural happens without it.
  • When people who don’t have the core values of the kingdom (love, honor, freedom, empowerment) try to operate in the supernatural ministry they become destructive rather than constructive.
  • Discipling of nations means assuming the role of training and fathering.
  • When the reality of God’s mercy, that we no longer face any punishment for our sins, truly penetrates our souls, there is a simple and natural response… we extend mercy.
  • God doesn’t need to create justice through judgment because He already did that in the person of Jesus.
  • Believers have greater authority in the Spiritual realm. Unrealized, we become destructive rather than constructive and end up destroying the people we are supposed to preserve.
  • In cultivating a supernatural lifestyle we also need accountability for the things done in the Lord’s Name.
  • God is always speaking, but He is not human and His first language is not English.
  • The Great Commission is to do mega-works with God – to do mission impossible.
  • You can alter the course of history through prophetic declarations.
  • The goal of true discipleship isn’t that we know the Bible but we experience truth and become like the One who teaches us – Jesus Christ.
  • “How can we have revival when we value a book the early Church didn’t have over the Holy Spirit they did have?” Bill Johnson
  • Be equipped with the gift of wisdom as well as the miraculous to understand the root causes and the Holy Spirit prescription for it, not just healing.

My Personal Learning

In reading this book, the power filled message of the gospel re-sounded in me again – I am powerful and sent to alter history. I was most impacted by the statement:

“Religion has a way of sucking the most powerful people on the planet into a spiritual look-alike contest and calling it discipleship.”

I realized what I have grown up with being called equipping and empowering has been equipping but not empowering. Now I feel free to be me. To create. To dream. To do the impossible. There are no limitations or control on what I can go after. The poor, the lame, the blind, the lost are waiting to see what I have learned.

Action Steps:

1. How is your life re-presenting Christ? What does your life declare about what you believe? If someone observed you from a distance would it be obvious you are a follower of Jesus?

2. Take a risk and DO the works of Jesus. Where do you need to cross the chicken line and just do it?

3. What will you do this week to empower someone around you? Who is waiting for you to believe in them more than they believe in themselves and be launched into a lifestyle that pulls on Heaven?

Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality.He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development.Andy is the director of Heaven in Business and together with his wife, Janine, leads Dream Culture – a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, CA. For more see www.AndyandJanine.com.