This blog is from Adam Bright, a personal friend and business advisor I have known for the last five years. We also had Adam speak at our last conference lead everyone through a series of practical activities that turned great ideas into life-changing behaviors. If you are wanting someone to walk with you to further integrate God in your workplace AND achieve clearly defined results I recommend him as part of your advisory team. Find out more how this works through Heaven in Business Advisory Services. Peace to your house! – Andy Mason

No Courage… No Action

“It’s so high… I want to do it… no, no… I’m scared..”, these are the comments of my (then) youngest as he is about to jump off the rocks around our pool. “One, two, three… jump!” I say in the most assuring way possible. He stands there… desperately wanting to jump, as he has seen the excitement of the other children jumping, but afraid. No courage… no action.

Jadon, did what most of us do. He put himself in a place that required courage without winning an internal battle first. He, like many of us, assumed that if “they” could do it, then he could too. But, the secret to having courage is to find it internally before it is required of you externally. To know the internal formula for courage.

The Internal Formula for Courage

In Romans 10:17 it says that “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” It is the word of Christ that gets faith to lift its head. Some people try to speak a prophetic word over their lives before they have had The Word speak faith into their hearts.

Business is one of the most faith engaging activities I know. In business we take ideas and bring them to life as services and products. We make something from nothing. We have to believe in the unseen or we will never get our businesses off the ground. However, before we speak our great ideas and strategies out loud, we must hear the Word and let faith stir us internally. Only then can we have sufficient courage and conviction to believe in, and for, the unseen. Once faith has come to life in our spirit then courage lifts its sleepy head and begins to roar with such ferocity that action happens.

The second thing that brings faith and courage are the testimonies of others (Rev 12:11). It is not just a matter of “if they can do it / have it … so can I”. This would be purely motivational and emotion based. Rather, it is about our faith being stirred by others’ experiences to believe for something more. When Faith is stirred it can Hope for the better.

Hope is “expectation of the better… that to which one flees” (Strongs def. of elpis number 1680). Hope is the place where courage rests. If faith awakens courage then hope provides it refuge. Abraham found the courage to sacrifice Isaac because of his faith in God. His courage ran toward hope to find refuge. The pain his courage was causing him must have been immense. The thought of sacrificing your own son. But the hope that God would make a way stilled his anxious soul. Hope shifts us from the current fear or pain and focuses us on the promise of what we believe to be true. As we fix our eyes on things above our courage finds refuge in hope.

Hope and faith both are underpinned by love. And love is ultimately where courage resides.

The Foundation of Courage is… Love

Courage is, at it’s most basic yet supernatural place,…love. You will stand and face most anything when your actions are underpinned by love. I will step out in faith to pray for anyone, for anything, when I know the love Christ has for them. My son will jump from the rocks to me because he knows I love him. My love for him gives him courage. It is Christ’s love for us that gives us courage to step out for Him. So whether it is love flowing from us to others or others to us… love underpins our courage. When I know I am loved by my wife or by my sons I feel invincible. When I know I am loved by my Father in heaven and I feel that love, I am unstoppable! Anything in my business is possible!

Where do you find courage?

I’m often asked where I find the courage in my business to take the actions I do. I find it internally before any external action of courage. Faith in the promises of God for me, my family, my friends and my business. Hope for a better way for those that are close to me. Knowing and experiencing the love of Christ for me, my family, my friends and for my business. Faith is the spark of life for my courage, hope is a place of rest for my courage and love is the fuel that motivates my courage.

Where is your business or life? How is your courage? Is it lacking? If it is then saturate yourself in His Word. Also, seek out the stories of others. Let faith awaken your courage. Let hope shift your focus from the difficult space you are in to the promises of God for your life and provide a refuge for your courage. And finally, let love fuel your courage to produce massive action!

This is the FHL Strategy – Faith, Hope and Love.

Adam Bright has been involved in organizational development for 27 years. He is a Strategic Coach, Coach Trainer, Mentor and active public speaker. He engages in the coaching of individuals and couples as well as coaching at an organizational level both nationally and internationally. Formally the HR director of a mid-sized business group in South Africa, he founded Catalyst Coaching (Pty) LTD in 2007. He has currently partnered Catalyst Coaching with the largest Private Equity Firm in South Africa. He offers an insightful understanding of people and their underlying motivations and has the ability to clearly and effectively communicate to others in order to bring about change and self awareness. Adam is passionate about helping people discover purpose and shift culture. He is married to Vanessa for 19 years and they have 5 boys (ranging from 20 months to 25 years old) living, with great amounts of laughter, under one roof. If you want to find out more how you could engage Adam through Heaven in Business Advisory Services, find out more here – HeaveninBusiness.com/Advisory

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