FEB 27-MAR 1 2019

You spend at least a third of your life at work; you should get to enjoy it!

A great work culture does just that; it creates an environment that brings out the best in you and those around you.

Even more, when a culture embraces the Presence of God, people experience connection, strategy and results that are simply unexplainable. This is kingdom culture.

In His day, Jesus established a work culture that turned rough and uneducated first century ‘employees’ into powerful and courageous societal leaders. If Jesus were leading in your business today, what kind of culture would He create?

•Creativity without chaos
•Communication without fear
•Empowerment without division
•Confrontation without disconnection

So how do we build this? Who is doing it well that we can learn from?

This three-day event will equip you with the beliefs and practical behaviors to identify and build a culture of the kingdom of God in your workplace.  You will hear real life stories from every day people who have demonstrated what is possible over time.  You will interact with like-minded leaders who are on the same journey to experience more of God at work, build great business and disciple nations.


Heaven In Business


Business of Honor

Managing Director

Catalyst Coaching


Poverty, Riches and Wealth

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