But God has said!


The image I have for my life right now is that of the US Navy at Pearl Harbor. We just got bombed. It was meant to destroy us. We are not destroyed. We are hurting. Deeply. There are dead and dying people around me. There are delays and miscommunication and blaming. There is a real conflict going on and the casualties are real.



I can’t quit. I have too much invested with those I love. Anyway, where would I go?

So where is God in all of this? How do I survive? How do I fight? How do I lead? HELP!


Last week at Bethel Leaders Advance Bill Johnson gave a message that felt like he was talking just to me. It seemed like he picked up my spiritual sword, sharpened it and placed it back in my hand. This helped me immensely so here’s my notes to help you also.


How big is your problem?


My miracle will begin when I stop being attached to the size of the problem. I cannot afford to allow the size of my problem be bigger than the size of my God.


How do I keep my perspective right? Worship. Daily time in scripture – especially the Psalms. Praying in the spirit. Declaration. Remembering what God has said.


God is silent when He wants you to rediscover what He has already said. Return to a milestone or monument. Remember. Declare it again.


God prepared me for this

When Israel were about to enter their promised land, God diverted them around a particular nation because He knew they would get discouraged and return to Egypt. God only takes you through a conflict or challenge He knows you have the capacity to handle.

If the Lord doesn’t divert you around a conflict it means He has the confidence that you have what it takes to go THROUGH the conflict.

You were prepared for this! You have what it takes! You can do this!



The size of the challenge reveals the size of my authority

You have to have a fight in order to know your authority. Training for battle is not the same as the real thing. We are in a fight. It is first spiritual.


“And the Lord multiplied the people of Israel until they became too mighty for their enemies. Then He turned the Egyptians against the Israelites, and they plotted against the Lord’s servants.”

Throughout life God is training you and making you strong. Then He goes over to the enemy and slaps them around. Then He points at you saying you did it! Suddenly you get ‘attacked.’ Not really…. It’s a conspiracy to prove you are everything God says you are.

Lord, how much have You strengthened me for this fight?
Lord, how much authority have You given me over sickness and poverty?
Lord, how have You positioned me to win?

He allows the challenge to come into your life according to the promise and reward. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.


So how do I fight this battle?

I must first remember that we don’t fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and mindsets/thinking (see Ephesians 6:12).

So how DO I fight?


The kingdom advances two seemingly contradictory ways:

1. Receiving like a child (see Mark 10:15). This is all about identity. All kingdom issues are heart issues. What I receive here in my heart will affect what I step into. It’s not about my performance, it is about His – what He paid for. I receive everything Jesus paid for in full. I stand and receive what He has already done for me. Freedom. Healing. Provision. Safety…

2. Violent expression of faith advancing (see Matthew 11:12). This is all about understanding our position of authority. All authority was given to Jesus – meaning the devil has none. Jesus then gave all authority to us. We learn our authority as we exercise it. Through faith we apprehend things that are under the control of demonic and forcefully advance the kingdom of God. Freedom. Healing. Provision. Safety… If you have a promise and you are not experiencing the kingdom advancing around you, the alternative way to advance – receive like a child or fight like a warrior. #1 or #2

 Getting personal

I realized that with what I have walked through recently, I have been shocked into a measure of passivity. Standing silently, mouth open, eyes leaking… 

I need to speak up. Declare. Not passively. I need to pray in tongues daily.


What do I declare? Exactly what God has said. I review what He has promised and turn that into a declaration in the middle of being surrounded by the opposite:


We have more than enough and more on the way.
Millions of dollars flow through my hands.

I am confronted with the giant of poverty and unbelief.
But the Lord has said we will have land in this land.
But the Lord has said now is the time for every word to be fulfilled.
But the Lord has said there is no more delay.
But the Lord has said he has given us this land.
But the Lord has said stand up and own it!


But the Lord has said…!!!

Thus I fight, not as one who is beating the air.


What will you do?

 Guard the miraculous that has been entrusted to you.
Fight according to promise. The promises tell you where you need to fight.
A fight implies you may not ever enter.
Take what He said seriously enough to enter conflict.
The power released when Jesus said what the Father is saying is the SAME POWER released when you say it.
Your future won’t be brought to you. You must go after it.
Most of you need is brought to you. But what you were born for you must fight for.

 Your reaction to challenge must be a declaration of the promise. BUT GOD HAS SAID…!!!

Don’t be afraid! Possess your promise.



If you want to access the original video of Bill Johnson speaking this message then go
to http://marketplace.bethel.tv/conferences and choose the 2019 Leaders Advance.








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