What Would It Be Like to Have God With You At Work?

Recalibrate Your Business, Your Career, and Your Life.

We are so excited about the upcoming Business Leader Spiritual Reboot that we wanted to send you a PERSONAL invitation to join us!



Here is what previous guests have to say…


“The most interactive conference I’ve ever been to. Layer upon layer of insight, freedom, truth, rest and encouragement.” Past Executive Participant

“Transformational on infinite levels of the human-to-God experience of life. The HiB executive reboot provided ‘top-down’ point of view in all aspect of business and life. Wow!” Past Executive Participant


Does this sound like you?

• Your spiritual life takes a beating in the high-stakes game of entrepreneurial or corporate leadership?

• You experience anxiety and/or depression about work and success?

• You don’t feel connected to God in the hustle of workplace grind?

Could you use MORE Heavenly assistance in your daily work and life?

Then this may be just what you’re looking for…

You are invited to register for the Heaven in Business Spiritual Reboot. This is not for just anyone… it’s for high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders. Attendance is limited to 50 like-minded people.

The interactive sessions will immerse you and your peers in a series of spiritual experiences that will completely restore your soul and upgrade your connection with Heaven (and earth!)

We fully anticipate that your life will not be the same afterward. The intended outcome is that you experience a tangible increase in your physical, financial, mental, emotional, spiritual AND relational wellbeing.

The schedule is designed for connection, discussion, and an emphasis on personal encounters with God. You will not only leave with a revived spiritual connection, but also with practical tools to better integrate your spiritual and business life with full affirmation of your calling in the Kingdom of God.

Refresh… Restore… Revive… REBOOT



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