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& Spiritual Significance?


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Are you a business leader wanting to experience more of what God can do in your work?




Practically integrate spirituality with tangible business results.



Increase in sustainable profitability and influence without compromising integrity.



Reset and align internal peace with high performance.

What if you could personally access the process, guidance and

proven God-journey of a trusted business leader?

A Heaven in Business advisor has a proven track record of achieving business results, living out godly
character and consistent evidence of an unlimited God at work in the ups and downs of life.

They have achieved success and can empower you to do the same.

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SUPERSIZE Your Ability

Heaven in Business advisors have the unique ability to equip you with the skills to supersize your own ability to hear God, build a Heavenly culture in your personal and work environment and grow your influence in your community.

You will experience solid, measurable growth on your journey to whole-life victory. Personal. Relational. Economic.

For an initial conversation

Heaven in Business has been a transformative resource for me. It is effectively blending the big picture of how Heaven’s perspective can impact my business with practical, day-to-day insight on how to make that a reality.

The platform is easy to use, the content is exceptional and interaction with others that are accessing Heaven’s solutions for for real world issues is remarkable.

Gary Klopfenstein

CEO, GK Investments

Limited Slots Available

You can have one of the Heaven in Business advisors be part of your trusted team. We will review and respond to your application within 2 business days to setup an initial conversation. At this time we will clarify expectations and assess your needs relative to the availability of our team. Following a mutually beneficial conversation we will connect you directly with the Heaven in Business advisor who would be the best fit for your needs.

Minimum Expectations

  • Starting at $500-$1000 per month depending on level of involvement
  • Starting at 2-4 sessions per month plus email correspondence
  • Minimum three month engagement, ongoing options available
  • Vision to build business that demonstrates the Kingdom of God
  • Clear growth goals
  • Willingness to receive feedback and take action

Heaven in Business Advisors each have clear evidence of results in their business field, proven character over time and vibrant integration of Christ in all areas of life. They are living testimonies of God at work. They are authentic, accessible and genuinely want to help you succeed.

How much do you want to grow?

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