Recalibrate your year with clarity and confidence!

Join me on a 30-Day Hope Challenge for January 2021

Are you ready to punch reset and start the coming year with the best foundations for success? 

Are you ready to apply the proven practices and know this works so much better with a group of like-minded individuals? 

Will you let go of the pain and loss and take back ownership of your life?


The 30-Day Hope Challenge will guide and activate you to:

– Hear God

– Regain hope

– Apply intentional action

You Will Get Access To:

Monday to Friday calls via Zoom at 7:00-7:30am (PST) where you hear a quick story and interact with others on the same journey.

Biblical truths that will challenge you to regain hope in all of life and apply consistent and intentional action.

A two-minute video summary, reminder and focus question sent to you on weekends.

Daily email including audio chapters from Finding Hope in Crazy Times.

COST: $30.00

Starts January 1, 2021








30 Day HOPE Challenge

Tools to hear God for practical decisions daily

A fresh hope-perspective for all you face

A guide who has decades of real-life experience

A like-minded community on the same journey

Access to daily habits that will set you up to succeed

Access to the recordings of all sessions

30 days of practical and inspiring stories

30 days of proven, hope-filled tools to apply to your own life

An opportunity to take ownership, reposition and focus your life

COST: $30.00